Doric Lodge No. 58 AF & AM

Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario


A History


V. W. Bro. Ronald H. Ashworth, PGS




                 The Seal of Doric Lodge A.F. & A.M. # 58 is seen on the main pageThe Seal of the Lodge is first mentioned in the duties of the Secretary outlined in the By-Laws of the Lodge dated 1869. The diagram first appears on the cover of the By-Laws dated 16 November 1893.


 The Seal of the Lodge is first mentioned in the duties of the Secretary outlined in the By-Laws of the Lodge dated 1869. The diagram first appears on the cover of the By-Laws dated 16 November 1893.

The seal is formed in the shape of a pointed oval with an oval contained within. The outer rim contains the name Doric Lodge F & AM No. 58. G.R.C. Ottawa.

In the outer rim at the top center-point or peak of the oval contains a triangle formed with three dots. At the bottom center-point of the oval is an inverted triangle of three dots. In Masonic traditions the symbol is used for abbreviation, instead of the usual period, essentially an initial or monogram continuing the meaning of "therefore", "standing for", i.e. "thus". Contained within the inner oval you will find the “All Seeing Eye” a five pointed morning star, an inverted triangle with the letter “G” in its centre, two sprigs of Acacia and the Lodge’s motto in a ribbon below.

At the peak of the inner oval is the “All Seeing Eye” (of the Deity), reminding all Masons that their words and deeds are being judged by the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

The two sprigs of Acacia are crossed at the stems and signify the hopeful expectation of success in the search for the True Word.  Acacia was believed to communicate the spirit of prophecy and poetry and was seen as a purifying plant with powers of immortality.

The sprigs of Acacia surround a five-pointed morning star which signifies the moral virtues of masonry and further alludes to the Five Points of Fellowship.

The sprigs of Acacia also encompass the inverted triangle containing the letter “G” in its centre.  The triangle has long been a sacred symbol for life.  The inverted triangle represents the personal transformation that is not only the goal, but also the essential condition for all our educational discourse about values.  The letter “G” in its centre has two meanings.  The first is Geometry, the science that the ancients believed most revealed the glory of God and His works in the Heavens.  The second is God, who must be at the centre of all our thoughts and efforts.

Below the sprigs of Acacia is a ribbon with two bends creating three parts and contains the motto: LUX DEI SEMPER ADEST translated as “The light of God is always here.”

The color of the seal is Blue. To our ancient brethren, blue was used to represent truth.  Additionally, the color blue embodies height and depth and corresponds with the blue sky above and the blue sea below.  It reminds us that the boundaries of Masonry are as far reaching as these dimensions.  It is also interesting to note that some consider blue to the most neutral of colors, since it is between black (evil) and white (good).  As Masons we are equal in our position with other members, regardless of color, rank, title or any other status and it is very appropriate that blue would represent this equality.


The above interpretation was researched and developed by Wor. Bro. Ronald H. Ashworth, Lodge Historian, January 2007.


The following paragraphs are an excerpt taken from a historical sketch, prepared by RT. Wor. Bro. E.D. Parlow of Dalhousie Lodge on the occasion of that Lodge’s 50th anniversary in 1898.

“In our day (1898) we often hear that Masonry is an honourable institution and that it behooves its devotees to mark well their conduct – that the eyes of our fellowmen are upon us, that they judge us  by our actions, that we must strictly adhere to the tenets of our profession and carefully abstain from anything that would decrease our usefulness or tarnish the honour of our order that our charities should be warm hearted, that we must be kind and true, not only to brother Masons but to all the world, so that, when the crucial test is applied to our acts, the practical results for good cannot be questioned, that it is within the power of every member of the craft to be an earnest servant of its beautiful principles and a benefactor in the lodge, in the family, in the community and in the country.

In writing the history of the one hundred years of Masonic endeavour in Dalhousie Lodge No. 52, one meets again and again the oft recurring thought, “How great has been the good work accomplished within the portals of this historic Lodge, what deeds of mercy and brotherhood have been performed and what words of encouragement spoken that have given new heart to many discouraged brethren.”  This good work accomplished, these deeds of service and these words of encouragement are, for the most part, unrecorded in the minute books of the Lodge, but upon them as a sure and firm foundation has been built which, after a century of service to its members, to the city of Ottawa, and to the great Order of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, is now girding itself for another century of service to mankind.

The minute books of any institution such as a Masonic Lodge are filled with such routine matters as the passing of accounts, the receiving of petitions, the reports of committees, the balloting for candidates and the election of officers.  In order to interpret the various experience of the past, one has to live again in imagination those days of yesterday.  Here and there, however, are found keys which open doors through which one can enter to discover the problems of those men, true and strong, who have handed them down to us.  Throughout the years of its existence there has ever been the desire to build better and stronger as the years went by.

In the building of a Masonic Lodge, as well as of any other institution, much depends upon those brethren who from time to time are entrusted with the management of its affairs, the Worshipful Masters, the Wardens, the Secretaries and the Treasurers. 

The Lodge minute books show the meticulous care the business of the Lodge was carried on, and the records have been neatly and correctly kept.  It is most proper that here should be expressed the debt which the members of the Lodge owe to those worthy Masons who, from time to time, held the very important office of Secretary.  In perusing their minutes one has peculiar feelings of gratitude to those officers of other days, as they enthusiastically carried on their heavy tasks, often under considerable difficulty, and, to them, we of the present membership of the Lodge owe more than we can realize. Would that there could be presented to the brethren of to-day a story that would tell of the spirit that actuated those of by-gone days.  Then, we would be proud to be successors of those men of other generations who ever had their hands and hearts open to help their needy brethren.  It should be here recorded that, from the very organization of this Lodge, there are minutes relating to the practice of that Charity which is the distinctive characteristic of a Mason’s heart.

The following historical details have been researched in the Lodge records including minute and visitor register books and Lodge centennial commemorative booklets.

 Our roots are traced back to 1855, when Doric Lodge was constituted as No. 952 ER to meet at the City of Ottawa under a Dispensation dated 17th February, 1855, granted by the Provincial Grand Master, Canada West, United Grand Lodge of England.

A petition to form Doric Lodge by 7 Past Masters of Dalhousie Lodge #835 ER and subsequently changed to #571 ER led to the dispensation of February 17, 1855 which was, in turn, followed by a Warrant dated 20th August, 1855, issued by the United Grand Lodge of England to the following brethren:-


       William Tracey [W.M.]       From Ireland

       James Wilson   [S.W.]      From Lodge No. 491 (now St. John’s Lodge No. 3, G.L. of Canada)

       James Ashfield [J.W.]         From Lodge No. 835 (now Dalhousie Lodge No. 52, G.L. of Canada)

       Robert Hick                    From Lodge No. 731 (now Zetland Lodge No. 12, G.L. of Quebec)

        James Peacock                   From Scotland

        John Fotheringham             From Scotland

        Robert Dale                        From Scotland

The number 952 ER continued in use until the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada West was dissolved and reformed in Sept 1857 as the Ancient Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada and then Doric was renumbered 49. The Lodge was erased from the Roll on transfer to the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada and the Warrant returned to London on 27th November, 1857. Upon uniting with the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Grand Lodge of Canada on July 14th, 1858, Doric Lodge was once again renumbered 58 from 49.

The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada was formed on October 10, 1855 in The Barton Lodge, Hamilton in accordance with action proposed in a motion adopted at a meeting held in Clifton House, Niagara Falls on July19, 1855. M.W. Bro. William Mercer Wilson, Grand Master elect was duly installed in the office on November 2 1855 in the Mason Hall, Hamilton, by the M.W. the Hon. H.T. Bachus, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Michigan.

It must be remembered that there were, at this time, two Grand Lodge bodies in Ontario; one called The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada, headed by Grand Master Wilson and the other called the Ancient Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada, headed by Grand Master McNabb. With little difference in name, there was nevertheless quite a gulf in so far as a uniform jurisdiction was concerned; a condition that was far from healthy. Fortunately for Masonry in Canada, the wisdom and fidelity of the two groups prevailed and the Grand Lodge under Sir Allan (GM McNabb) was formally dissolved on July 14, 1858, with its constituent lodges, including Doric, simultaneously uniting with the other body under Grand Master Wilson.

The dramatic scene in King Solomon’s Lodge No 22, Toronto will always be one of the brightest lights of Masonry. At long last, when Grand Master Wilson stepped down from the dais to grasp the hand of his brother Grand Master McNabb, the brethren who, for many years had striven zealously for this day, were finally united. Here, in the handclasp of sure brotherhood was practised the first of the Five Points of Fellowship.

The minute books of Doric Lodge are completely intact dating back to the first meeting in 1855. It would be impossible to reproduce even a summary of the principal events due to the fragile condition of the book. However, those minutes contained in the first book embracing the first eight years exemplify the development and progress of the Lodge.

The first lodge meeting after constitution was held on April 4, 1855 in a Lodge Room on Wellington Street, Upper Town, Ottawa, where three applications for initiation were read out.

The first candidate to be initiated into Doric Lodge was William Young, an Ottawa merchant May 2, 1855 at the early age of 24 years. Initiation fee at that time was 5 pounds and dues were 2 Shillings 6 pence monthly.  Bro. Young became Secretary in 1856.

If you want to compare the value of a £5 2s 6d in 1855 to today’s earning money it would equal £98.12, converted at 1.9026 or $186.68Cdn. a considerable amount of money in those days. 

In order to discourage officers from absenting themselves from meetings, it was regularly moved and seconded on June 2, 1858 that the by-laws be amended as follows: “That the officers of this Lodge, neglecting to attend the regular meetings and meetings of Emergency of this Lodge, when summoned so to do, shall each be fined in the sum of five shillings currency, which shall form part of the Lodge funds.”

On June 6, 1858, an auditor’s report showed £18.10.0 in the Lodge treasury, and which rose to £29.1.6 by July 20, 1859. We are unsure if the penalties had anything to do with the increase.

The first Board of General Purposes was held prior to the Regular Meeting of April 4th 1860 when they reported on petitions presented by the candidates. It is of interest to note that the lighting facilities were not yet available at Doric Lodge in those days as shown by a minute of April 4 1860 authorizing the Treasurer to pay a gas bill in the amount of £1.4.0.

The W.M. for 1860 R.W. Bro. MacLeod Moore presented “an Italian fencing dagger” to the Lodge to be used by the Inner Guard (regrettably lost in the fire in 1913).

On May 23 1861, the first Masonic funeral held by Doric Lodge was requested by telegraph by Maple Leaf Lodge No 103 St Catharine’s Ont. on behalf of their late brother Henry Burrows. The brethren of Corinthian and Dalhousie Lodges gathered to open the Lodge at 9:30 am, on May 23rd, 1861 for that purpose. The service was conducted by WM Thos Storey and upon return from the cemetery the lodge was closed at 1 pm.

A second funeral made the next Emergent meeting of May 28 1861 necessary to accede to the last request of our Late Bro. Jno McElroy; Rev. Bro C.B. Petit Chaplain of Doric Lodge preached an impressive sermon.

On another occasion, the Lodge enlisted the services of The Governor General Foot Guard Band at a considerable cost in procession from the Lodge to Beechwood Cemetery.

The long history of this Lodge has shown itself in the brotherly love and relief practiced by the members and its willingness to grow with the times. In 1861, for example, a demonstration of that attribute which we all possess, charity, was recorded in the minutes having the brethren unanimously vote $10.00 to be paid to Bro. Nagle to enable him to “obtain substitutes for both of his hands which were frozen off some twelve months previous.” The first committee of benevolence was formed in Aug 1862. 

Minutes of April 16 1862 describe the First Masonic Trial which was investigated by DDGM Simpson on November 5, 1862. The offending brother was reinstated and requested to apply for withdrawal that was made and granted on December 3, 1862.

In June 1863, a request from Rev. Bro. C.B. Pettit to the Officers and Members of Doric Lodge was favourably received in requesting Doric Lodge to petition Grand Lodge to establish a Lodge in Richmond. Upon having the Charter granted, The Rev. Bro. C.B. Petit became the first Worshipful Master of Goodwood Lodge in 1863. He served in that capacity for the first three years of the Lodge until 1865 inclusive and then again in 1869.  

This was the second lodge that was created in Richmond. The first being Richmond Lodge that was chartered in 1821 and unfortunately passed into darkness in 1846. Between 1846 and 1863 the brethren met in a new Lodge in Kemptville until the erection and creation of Goodwood Lodge in Richmond.

July 1, 1867 the new Dominion of Canada came into being. Both Upper and Lower Canada were renamed Ontario and Quebec, joined by the Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

In 1869, the Grand Lodge of Quebec was duly formed. Readers should observe that the Grand Lodge was at Quebec neither in nor of the Province, being therefore a distinction consistent with the fact that its formation was initially at Quebec, the garrison city where the military Lodges met in 1759 after the siege and capitulation of that city.

On June 1, 1900, Wor. Bro. Robertson spoke briefly on a Grant to the Brethren who were sufferers in the recent fire and it was decided to collect $50.00 among the Brethren to be given to General Masonic Relief Committee in aid of Masonic Brethren who were burned out.

February 1, 1901 a Resolution of profound regret and sorrow was entered into the Minutes of the Lodge on the passing of Queen Victoria. Edward VII, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England ascended to the Throne.

February 1, 1901 members returned from South Africa.

October 4, 1904 an especial communication of Grand Lodge will be held at Carp on Friday 14th of October 1904 for the purpose of Constituting and Consecrating Carleton Lodge # 465.

March 28 1905 Doric Lodge celebrated its 50th year anniversary. Chaudière Lodge lent us the Lodge Room to celebrate the event.

May 5, 1905, a communication was read Bro. H.W. Sterrett, Secretary Northport Lodge #110 Washington State USA, informing us of Bro. R.C. Morrison having his right hand taken off in an ore smelter and ascertaining if Bro. Morrison was in good standing member of Doric Lodge and if he was, the desire of Doric brethren if they should take action in the matter. An enquiry to the Secretary of Northport Lodge was made as to the financial standing of the brother. Subsequent communication received June 2, advised that he is doing nicely and that the boys of Northport were going to present him with the equivalent of an artificial hand.

The 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18 with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.9 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme). High intensity shaking was felt from Eureka on the North Coast to the Salinas Valley, an agricultural region to the south of the San Francisco Bay Area. Devastating fires soon broke out in the city and lasted for several days. As a result, up to 3,000 people died and over 80% of the city of San Francisco was destroyed. The events are remembered as one of the worst and deadliest earthquakes in the history of the United States. The death toll remains the greatest loss of life from a natural disaster in California's history and high in the lists of American disasters.

On April 19, 1906 a motion was tabled that $25.00 be granted by the Lodge to assist in the relief of the affected brethren in San Francisco and vicinity. Carried. The equivalent in 2019 dollars would be $694.44.

June 7, 1907, a motion was tabled to raise the Initiation fee from $30.00 to $40.00 and the new sum to be supplied to each candidate with a Master Mason Apron on being raised to that degree. The motion was amended to not include an apron.  Carried.

January 7, 1910, a communication to all City Lodges was received from Mississippi Lodge #147 Almonte, to assist with the replacement of the working tools due to a recent fire. Motion to contribute Doric’s proportionate share was moved and carried.

May 6, 1910 the death of His Majesty King Edward VII was announced in Lodge. Out of respect and esteem to His Majesty and as a Past Grand Master Grand Lodge of England, the Lodge was called off without any degree work and was forthwith closed accordingly. The Charter was draped for a period 3 months in expression of the very great respect and love for the memory of our distinguished Brother.

June 3, 1910, an account was read from Dalhousie Lodge #52 giving a statement of the funeral of our Late Bro. Smith who was a member in Scotland and had died in this city. February 1910 leaving his widow in destitute circumstances. The total funeral expenses were $91.20 of which this lodge’s share is 1/7 or $13.07. Motion moved and carried to pay this share of the funeral expenses.

April 7, 1911 an especial communication of Grand Lodge was held in Carleton Place for the laying of the Cornerstone of the new Masonic Temple.

Oct 6, 1911 a request was received from Campbellton Lodge #32, G.L. NB appealing for assistance to enable them to rebuild their Masonic Hall which was destroyed by the conflagration in July last. Moved and seconded that the Lodge donate the sum of Twenty-Five dollars to Campbellton Lodge. Carried.

Oct 16, 1911, a request for assistance by the City Lodges to restore the furniture of Eganville Lodge which was destroyed by fire. Moved and seconded that the Lodge donate the sum of Twenty-Five dollars to Eganville Lodge. Carried.

January 5, 1912 a motion was tabled to raise the Initiation fee from $40.00 to $50.00 and the new sum to be supplied to each candidate with a Master Mason Apron on being raised to that degree. The motion was amended to not include an apron.  Carried.

June 7, 1912 an especial communication of Grand Lodge will be held at Carp for the purpose of laying the Cornerstone for the new Methodist Church.

In July 1913, priceless treasures were lost in the disastrous fire that consumed Harmony Hall, then the home of Freemasonry in Ottawa. The Lodge Charter and Membership Register from 1893 to 1913 were destroyed. All other records of Doric Lodge were located elsewhere at the time and were not subject to destruction in the fire. A replacement charter was issued in 1913.

The care and last resting places of the soldiers, sailors and airmen who made the supreme sacrifice for their country during the Great War, was the responsibility of the Imperial War Graves Commission. Brethren who served under this commission were formed into a Lodge No 4948 in 1927, and at the suggestion of Bro. Rudyard Kipling, it was named “Builders of the Silent Cities”.

In 1914, R.W. Bro. Sidney Albert Luke was installed as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. A petition for initiation was received from Sidney A Luke on September 6, 1889, Collector, Aged 28 years. Recommended by Bros. G.M Ryerson and John Robertson. Initiated Oct 4, 1889, Worshipful Master 1893; DDGM 1904.

The premature death of S.A. Luke in November 1918 was a grievous shock to Doric Lodge, The Ottawa District, The Province of Ontario and the Dominion of Canada. Over 1000 masons attended the funeral service held in Sandy Hill, Ottawa.

One year after his death, a new Lodge was formed bearing his illustrious name and numbered 558 on the Register of Grand Lodge.

The enthusiasm for Masonry in the days following the horrors of the First World War saw a rush of applications for membership. This led Doric Lodge to adopt a Motion to “limit to not more than twenty the number of new candidates in the space of one year”. This was met with swift action from Grand Lodge that they could not approve an amendment to the Lodge By-Laws to limit the number of members admitted to the Lodge.

From 1914-1922 the average number of applicants per year rose from 10 to 20 over a 30 year period. The peak was in 1920 when 47 were initiated.

February 3 1916, while World War I was raging in Europe, the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa caught fire on a freezing February night. With the exception of the Library of Parliament, the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings was destroyed and seven people died. Rumors were rife that the Parliament Buildings fire was caused by enemy sabotage, but a Royal Commission into the fire concluded that the cause was accidental. 

In May 1918, the 2nd and 3rd degrees were conferred on Bro. R.G. Fowler of Kilwinning Lodge London England under Grand Master Dispensation.

In 1929, the great Stock Market Crash occurred upon the heels of which there followed the world depression of the grim 30’s. Doric Lodge found, as other Lodges did, that its funds could not readily be replenished and was quick to realize that only a programme of austerity and the prudent administration of its affairs would tide it over to better days. Doric Lodge survived these trying times with pride and honour.

In 1930, Doric Lodge celebrated its 75th anniversary and the Minutes of the Lodge reflect that the ceremony was “designed not to spend a large sum of money” but that $10.00 for each year of the existence of Doric Lodge should be donated to the Protestant Home for the Aged, “spread over a period of time so as not to impair the funds of the Lodge.”

1939 to 1945 plunged the world into World War II.

World War II began in Europe on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. Great Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany on September 3. The war between the U.S.S.R. and Germany began on June 22, 1941, with the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The war in the Pacific began on December 7/8, 1941, when Japan attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor and other American, Dutch, and British military installations throughout Asia. The war ended September 2, 1945.

In Early 1934, soon after Hitler’s rise to power, it became evident that Freemasonry was in danger. In that same year, the “Grand Lodge of the Sun” (one of the pre-war German Grand Lodges, located in Bayreuth) realizing the grave dangers involved, adopted the little blue Forget-Me-Not flower as a substitute for the traditional square and compasses.

It was felt the flower would provide brethren with an outward means of identification while lessening the risk of possible recognition in public by the Nazis, who were engaged in wholesale confiscation of all Masonic Lodge properties.

Freemasonry went undercover, and this delicate flower assumed its role as a symbol of Masonry surviving throughout the reign of darkness. During the ensuing decade of Nazi power a little blue Forget-Me-Not flower worn in a Brother’s lapel served as one method whereby brethren could identify each other in public, and in cities and concentration camps throughout Europe. The Forget-Me-Not distinguished the lapels of countless brethren who staunchly refused to allow the symbolic Light of Masonry to be completely extinguished.

When the “Grand Lodge of the Sun” was reopened in Bayreuth in 1947, by Past Grand Master Beyer, a little pin in the shape of a Forget-Me-Not was officially adopted as the emblem of that first annual convention of the brethren who had survived the bitter years of semi-darkness to rekindle the Masonic Light.

At the first Annual Convention of the new United Grand Lodge of Germany AF&AM (VGLvD), in 1948, the pin was adopted as an official Masonic emblem in honour of the thousands of valiant Brethren who carried on their Masonic work under adverse conditions.

The following year, each delegate to the Conference of Grand Masters in Washington, D.C., received one from Dr. Theodor Vogel, Grand Master of the VGLvD.

Thus did a simple flower blossom forth into a symbol of the fraternity, and become perhaps the most widely worn emblem among Freemasons in Germany; a pin presented ceremoniously to newly-made Masons in most of the Lodges of the American-Canadian Grand Lodge, AF&AM within the United Grand Lodges of Germany.

In the years since adoption, its significance world-wide has been attested to by the tens of thousands of brethren who now display it with meaningful pride.

This information has been taken from a presentation card issued by the American Canadian Grand Lodge, AF&AM within the United Grand Lodges of Germany.

Commemorative ceremonies were held on Monday, March 28, 1955 exactly 100 years after Doric Lodge was instituted, 1200 months, 1000 seasonal months, two meetings for each of these months, this surely was recognised as the 2000th communication of this old Lodge. Two thousand times that the brethren, over the years had assembled to promote the great work of the Craft, to enjoy the friendly warmth of fraternity, to build for a strong and healthy future, to share the joys and sorrows, the pleasures and distresses if life’s vast arena.

“In the world of mortal existence, time consumes mortality and mortality puts on immortality”. With these words, the Worshipful Master D.S. Robertson called upon the brethren to stand in silent tribute to the honour of the brethren who have been summoned to the Grand Lodge above. In this tribute to all brethren of the past, the assemblage took note of many to whom the welfare of the Lodge had been entrusted and to whom Doric members are eternally indebted.

The minutes of Doric Lodge dated February 20, 1975 state the following:

“Wor. Bro. Withey commented on the fact that the Lodge would be holding its meetings in the Masonic Temple in Richmond next fall. He referred to the close association between Doric Lodge and Goodwood Lodge and felt that this was a most fortuitous arrangement. He also referred to the generosity of the host Lodge in refusing to accept any rent over and above the actual costs incurred for such things as heat, light, etc.”

In September 1975, Doric Lodge held their first meeting in the Masonic Temple in Richmond while Doric’s new home on Walkley Road, Ottawa was being built. In addition, Goodwood Lodge permitted Doric Lodge to use their lodge building at no cost and the lodge’s vestments and jewels since all of Doric’s were in storage.

In May 1975, the 1st exchange visit between Gouverneur Lodge #217, Gouverneur New York. Grand Lodge of the State of New York in took place. The brethren of Doric have continued the tradition of making annual fraternal visits to Gouverneur Lodge #217 in Gouverneur NY, and our American brothers reciprocating with a return visit and at times exemplifying their degree work.

In July 1988 at the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge in Toronto On. Rt.Wor. Bro. Edward J. Hare was elected and invested as District Deputy Grand Master of Ottawa District 1.

In September 1989 V. Wor. Bro. Raymond Plumpton was invested with the regalia of Grand Steward, he had served in  the office of District Secretary for the term of the DDGM, Rt. Wor. Bro. Edward Hare.

In Oct 1989, The “Bahamas Connection” was established by the affiliation of Bro. Idris Reid, High Commissioner of the Bahamas to Canada. 

In May 1990, Bro Reid was elected to the office of Junior Warden, May 1991, Senior Warden, and in 1992 as Master of Doric Lodge. In November 1993 Wor. Bro. Idris Reid returned to the Bahamas, his duties as High Commissioner in Canada coming to an end.

In September 1990, Doric Lodge witnessed an exemplification of the Third Degree by the visiting brethren from Lodge St Michael No.1634 of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Nassau, Bahamas.  This event started an exchange of annual visits that exists today.

In March 1991, a delegation, lead by Wor. Bro Ronald Ashworth, consisting of members of Doric Lodge and Ottawa District 1, travelled to Nassau Bahamas and participated in the festivities leading up to and including the ceremony of the Erection and Consecration of the District Grand Lodge of The Bahamas (Scottish Constitution). Wor. Bro. Ashworth was charged with the delivery of the Ceremonial Sword of the District Grand Lodge from Ottawa to Nassau.

In March 2001, Wor. Bro. Idris Reid was installed as District Grand Master, District Grand Lodge of the Bahamas SC.

September 3, 1994 was the consecration and erection of a new lodge named Claudius R. Walker No. 1808 (SC) with W. Bro. Idris Reid assuming the Chair of King Solomon and many members of Doric Lodge becoming founding and affiliate members.

In January 1997 the tradition of presenting Poinsettia plants at Christmas time to our Widows in remembrance of the contribution made by their husband’s to the Lodge and to ensure that they are not forgotten commenced by Wor. Bro. Rupert Patterson and continues to this day.

At the Annual Convocation of Grand Lodge in July 2000, Wor. Bro Frank Hare was appointed Assistant Grand Chaplain.

Jan 2003 Bros. Calverley, Simpson, Hagenaars and Murphy presented a Tyler’s Sword to the Lodge due to the untimely theft of our previous one.

Excerpt from the presentation speech:

The “Flaming Sword” is used to mark the location of the Tree of Life and guard the Tree of Life from corruption of the unworthy. 

The “Flaming Sword of the Tyler” must symbolically represent the way and protection our tree of Life: which is that “beautiful system of Morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.

In Nov 2006 Doric Lodge held its regular meeting at the Masonic Temple Richmond On. in recognition of the bonds that have been established and continue to exist between our two lodges and to celebrate the occasion of Doric Lodge meeting in this building on the 31st anniversary of the first meeting.

In July 2007 Wor. Bro. Ronald Ashworth was appointed as Grand Steward by the Grand Master on a recommendation by the Past Masters of Doric Lodge and his investiture took place during the September meeting. V. Wor. Bro. Ashworth was honored by being invested with the regalia of the Late V. Wor. Bro. Raymond Plumpton, a highly respected and knowledgeable member of Doric Lodge.

In July 2012, at the annual convocation of Grand Lodge in Toronto Ontario, Doric Lodge was once again honored by the election of Rt. Wor. Bro. Brian Griffin as DDGM for Ottawa 1. The following year, V. Wor. Bro. Bill Edwards was appointed as Grand Steward in recognition of his work as District Secretary during the term of Rt. Wor. Bro Griffin.

On Dec 15, 2011, a memoriam was held for W. Bro. Rupert Patterson who passed to the Grand Lodge above on Nov 30, 2011. W. Bro Patterson was born in St Lucia. Initiated in St Andrews Lodge #560 Ottawa and affiliated with Doric Lodge in March 1992. W. Bro. Patterson served as Master of this Lodge in 1994-95 and 2000-01.

In February 2013, Bro. Christopher Braueul left Canada to take up an overseas assignment in Tanzania working with the local authorities and international agencies to strengthen and expand the country’s national birth registration system.

March 2014, members of Doric Lodge attended the 150th Anniversary and Re-Dedication of Goodwood Lodge. 

On September 2, 2014 Rt. Wor. Bro. Hare passed to the Grand Lodge above. R.W. Bro. Edward J Hare 100 years, 1 month and 2 days young. A Masonic memorial service was held on September 7, 2014.  

At the District meeting on January 29th 2015, Rt. Wor. Bro. Allen Wright, DDGM presented Doric Lodge with a certificate for the 2014 Cornerstone Designation There are only four other lodges in District 1 which have attained the Cornerstone Designation.

A visit by the brethren of Doric Lodge to Gouverneur NY. took place in April 2015 to mark the 40th anniversary of visitation. To mark the anniversary, a handmade wooden framed plaque with a square and compass was crafted by Wor. Bro. Bruce Sanderson a member of Doric Lodge. This plaque is constructed to be separated when the lodges are apart and linked as a whole when they are meeting together. 

January 24 2016, M.W. Bro. Raymond S.J. Daniels, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario passed to the Grand Lodge above.

In September 2016, the members of Doric Lodge embarked on a charitable venture of preparing and delivering sandwiches on a monthly basis to the Ottawa Mission for the less fortunate. This was spearheaded by Wor. Bro Daniel Charron. It continues to this day. 

November 13, 2016 a Masonic Funeral Service was conducted for W. Bro. Rudi Douma. There was also a Masonic Service conducted by Cobden Lodge No. 459 due to his affiliation with that Lodge.

In December 2016, V. W. Bro. Frank Hare and W. Bro. Doug Robar attended the Masonic Service for W. Bro. Noel Risk, in Iroquois On, representing Doric Lodge and reported that the brethren of Friendly Brothers No. 143 presented a fine service. Bro. Risk was Worshipful Master of Doric 1967-68. His family was quite moved by the service.

W. Bro. Ken Brading a highly respected and learned ritualist, passed to the Grand Lodge Above on Feb. 3, 2017 after a short bout of pneumonia and complications leading to heart failure. He would have been a 60-year mason in November.

In May 2017, at the installation of Bro Andrew Thomson Doric Lodge hosted M.W. Bro John C. Green, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada AF&AM in the Province of Ontario, as well as M. W. Bro. Headley Lewis, Grand Master, The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F & AM, Province of Ontario and Jurisdiction; and Bro. Luther C. Smith, Right Worshipful Master and the brethren of Claudius R. Walker No. 1808, SC, Nassau, The Bahamas and several brethren from Jamaica.

September 2017, W. Bro. Stephen Tharaldsen of Gouverneur Lodge #217 and his family suffered a house fire that left them with few possessions. The Brethren of Doric Lodge were quick to offer a helping hand; the brethren of Doric Lodge raised $2,060 CDN along with some basic necessities such as clothing, blankets and toys for his children which also included bicycles.

In September 2017, a finance dues committee was formed by command of the Worshipful Master to review the current rate of dues and to find a solution for delinquent payments and rising costs. Our current annual expenses based on 70 members are $195.71 per member.  We are not breaking even.  In November 2017, we were forced to take measures to reduce the amount of delinquencies and to ensure we maintain an adequate cash flow through the coming years ahead. The proposal to raise the annual dues from $175.00 for Regular members and $145.00 for Senior and Remote members to $225 and $165 respectively. This was voted on and passed at the Regular Meeting in January 2018 and submitted to Grand Lodge for approval effective May 1, 2018.

On November 16, 2017 to commemorate Remembrance Day the “Empty Chair Ceremony”, was presented by V.W. Bro. Ron Ashworth and members of the Lodge. A toast to Fallen Comrades was delivered at the festive board after the Lodge was closed.

In July 2018, at the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge held in the City of Toronto, W. Bro. Adam E Thompson FCF was elected as DDGM of Ottawa District 1. Wor Bro. Douglas Robar was appointed as his District Secretary.

R.W. Bro. Noel Clarke celebrated 50 years a Past Master in September.

November 15, 2018, The “Empty Chair Ceremony”, marking Remembrance Day was again presented by V.W. Bro. Ron Ashworth and members of the Lodge. A toast to Fallen Comrades was delivered at the festive board after the Lodge was closed. This ceremony will now be a tradition in Doric Lodge.

April 23, 2019 15 members of Doric Lodge attended the Extinguishing of Lights Ceremony plunging Dalhousie Lodge # 52 into darkness. The ceremony was officiated by M.W. Bro Paul E. Todd, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada AF&AM in the Province of Ontario, who accepted the surrender of their Charter.

In January 2019, W. Bro Christopher Hare was elected and invested as DDGM in the Grand Lodge of Texas. At the meeting held on May 16 2019, Rt. Wor Bro Hare was presented with his Grandfather’s DDGM regalia in recognition of his achievement.

With Rt.Wor. Bro. Adam E. Thompson also in the Lodge, Doric has 2 member DDGM’s from 2 jurisdictions present at the same meeting.

On May 16, 2019 Bro. O. Blair Armstrong was presented with his 60 year a mason pin by M.W. Bro Paul E. Todd, Grand Master Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

On May 16, 2019 V. Wor Bro Ashworth was presented with his 50 year a mason pin by M.W. Bro Paul E Todd, Grand Master, a travelling companion from his Masters year 1993-1994. In attendance were several brethren from V.Wor Bro Ashworth’s Mother Lodge, St Andrews Lodge # 53 GRQ Montreal Quebec, including Bro. Norman Ashworth, his Brother and several of his travelling companions of 1990-1991 Masters Year.

On July 18, 2019, at the Annual Convocation of Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario,  M. W. Bro. David Cameron, appointed W. Bro. Douglas Robar, PM, FCF as a Grand Steward in recognition of his duties as District Secretary for R. W. Bro. Adam E. Thompson, FCF, DDGM Ottawa 1 District 2018-19.


Families in Doric Lodge

Armstrong Families

J. Alex Armstrong: On March 4, 1892 a petition for initiation was received from J. Alex Armstrong Surgeon Dentist, aged 29 years. The petition was recommended by Wor. Bro’s R. Stephens and J. Robertson. On April 1, 1892 Bro Armstrong was initiated into Doric Lodge. Worshipful Master 1899.

R. Milton Armstrong: On April 5, 1901, a petition was received from R. Milton Armstrong, Aged 22 years, Dentist. Recommended by Wor. Bro’s S.A. Luke and J. Alex Armstrong. Bro R. Milton Armstrong was initiated on June 7, 1901. Worshipful Master 1907.

Alex Haskett Armstrong: On February 3, 1905 a petition for initiation was received from Alan Haskett Armstrong Aged 28 years, Barrister-at-Law. Recommended by Wor Bro’s J.G. Bartram and Horace Pratt. Bro. Armstrong was initiated on April 7 1905.

William Alan Armstrong: On March 3 1911, a petition for initiation was received from William Alan Armstrong, Aged 23 years, Dentist. Recommended by Bros. W.R. Greene and W.C. MacCartney. Bro Armstrong was initiated on Apr 20, 1911. Worshipful Master 1923.

Ronald K. Armstrong: On October 16, 1958, a petition was received from Dr Ronald Keith Armstrong, Dentist, aged 28 years, son of Wor Bro. W. Alan Armstrong. The petition was recommended by Wor. Bro R.W. Patterson and Bro. B.C. Patterson. On January 15 1959 a Dental Degree Team from the Dental Fraternity convened to initiate his son Dr Ronald K. Armstrong. Wor Bro W. A. Armstrong assumed the gavel for this auspicious event.

Omar Gregory Armstrong: On December 1, 1922, a petition for initiation was received from Omar Gregory Armstrong age 29 years, Salesman. The petition was recommended by G.H. Donaldson and H.L. Merkley. Bro. Omar Armstrong was initiated on January 19, 1923. Worshipful Master 1937.

Lorn Perrigo Armstrong: On December 16, 1926 a petition for initiation was received from L.P.  Armstrong, Foreman, Age 31 years. Brother of Omar Gregory, Uncle to William George and O. Blair recommended by Wor J.M. McNabb and Bro Chas. Robertson. Initiated on Feb 3, 1927. He was suspended for non-payment of dues May 20 1948. He died in 1960.

George Walter Armstrong: A petition for initiation was received on Feb 16, 1928 Age 29 years, Surgeon. Recommended by Bro. John W Woodside and S.G.McCaughey. Initiated March 15, 1928.

William George Donald Armstrong: On October 16, 1958, a petition for initiation was received from William George Donald Armstrong, aged 31 years, Shoe Merchant. The Petition was recommended by Wor Bro W.A. Armstrong and Wor Bro R.W. Patterson. Bro W.G.D. Armstrong was initiated on January 29, 1959. Brother of O. Blair. Son of Omar Gregory Armstrong.

Omar Blair Armstrong: On October 16, 1958, a petition for initiation was received from Omar Blair Armstrong aged 24 years, Shoe Merchant. Son of Omar Gregory Armstrong. The petition was recommended by Wor Bro H. Clarke Green and Bro C.E. Stinson. Bro O. Blair Armstrong was initiated on Jan 29, 1959. Presented his 60 year pin Jan 2019.

Baskin Family

G.T. Baskin: Request to confer 2nd and 3rd degrees by Cornwall Lodge #125. Conferred on 2 March and 6 April 1900.

J.T. Baskin: Affiliated on 3 April 1903 from Cornwall Lodge # 125 Cornwall Ont.

Bennett Family

Arthur Bennett Initiated 3 May 1907

Charles Herbert brother of Arthur, Initiated 3 May 1907

Brading Family

H.F. Brading: Initiated 6 Mar 1868. Died Aug 1903 Masonic Funeral 8 Sept 1903

Harris Brading was initiated on Oct 16, 1958,

Kenneth Brading: Brother of Harris was initiated on Oct 30, 1958. Worshipful Master 1968

Gerald Brading: Brother of both Harris and Kenneth was initiated on March 1959.

Carnochan Family:

John Carnochan: Initiated John 3 April 1903. Age 43, Father of Gordon

Gordon A: Initiated April 20, 1923, son of John. Age 28

Donald Jarvis: Initiated 2 Oct 1952 age 22

Crompton Family

Bro Thomas Crompton, Musician Initiated in Nov 1953 and affiliated from Tyrian Youth Lodge #45 Glace Bay Nova Scotia, May 1959 and was immediately appointed Organist for Doric Lodge.

Clifford his son was initiated Nov 15, 1962 aged 21 years and followed in the footsteps of his father and became Organist of this lodge. In 1971 and 1978 Cliff Crompton was installed as Master of the Lodge.

On Oct. 20, 2012, a 50 year pin, Certificate and Veterans’ Jubilee Medal were presented to V. W. Bro. Clifford Crompton (Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia Jurisdiction), by the Worshipful Master and R. W. Bro. Griffin DDGM. The Grand Lodge presentation outline for these presentations was used for the first time. V. W. Bro. Crompton was afforded Grand Honours in accordance with his rank, and was heartily congratulated by all the brethren present.

Unfortunately, on Oct 25 2012, while returning home to Nova Scotia, V.W Bro Cliff Crompton suffered a heart attack and passed to the Grand Lodge above. 

Dagg Family

Charles John: Initiated Mar 21, 1946, Father of Samuel.

Samuel Charles: Initiated October 3 1991

Darling Family

Alexander Darling affiliated with Doric Lodge in 1981 and was Master in 1986 and 1989.

David Darling son of Alex Darling was initiated in Oct 85.

Day Family

Ernest: Initiated Nov 18, 1920

Reginald: Initiated Nov 18, 1920

Eastwood Family

On Nov 13, 1939, a very proud father, Wor. Bro. W. Eastwood PM of Doric Lodge assumed the gavel and initiated his twin sons, Henry and Whitely J. Eastwood. Whitely J. (son) would then proceed to be installed as Worshipful Master of Doric Lodge in 1951-1952 and invested as a Grand Steward in 1985. He also served as secretary of the lodge for 7 years.

Hare Family

Edward John: Initiated March 17, 1949

William Lester: Initiated Sept 15 1949

Rev Wm E. Hare: Initiated on Jan 19, 1984 recommended by his father Bro E.J Hare (Mar 1949) and uncle Wor. Bro W.L. Hare Initiated Sept 1949, WM 1957-58.

R Frank Hare: Initiated in April1984 to join his Father, Brother, and Uncle as members of Doric Lodge.

Christopher Hare: Initiated in Feb 1989 to join his Great Uncle, Grandfather, Uncle and Father as a member of Doric Lodge. An unusual event had occurred on this day in April 1989. A Grandfather, sat in the Chair of King Solomon, and presided over the passing of his grandson, with his son, the Father of the candidate, taking a leading part in the ceremony, with a Great Uncle in attendance. It was noted that the candidates Great Grandfather, Bro W.A Hare was initiated in Doric Lodge in 1910.

1988 Doric Lodge was again honored with a Grand Lodge appointment in the name of Rt Wor Bro E.J. Hare as D.D.G.M. Ottawa District 1. RT Wor Bro Edward J. Hare was elected as DDGM Ottawa 1 at the annual convocation of Grand Lodge in July 1988.

A passage quoted in one of his speeches is as follows;

 “I shall pass through this world but once.  Therefore, any good thing I can do, or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” Etienne de Grellet. Ed lived up to this quote.

In May 1991 Bro. Frank Hare was installed as Wor Master of Doric Lodge.

In May 1995, the installation of Wor Bro Christopher Hare represented a 4th generation WM of Doric Lodge.

In July 2000, V.W. Bro. Frank Hare was appointed Assistant Grand Chaplin.

In August 2014, Rt. Wor Bro Edward Hare celebrated his 100 year birthday. A reception was held and many Masonic brethren extended their congratulations to him. On September 2, 2014, RT Wor Bro Hare passed to the Grand Lodge above. RW Bro Edward J Hare, 100 years, 1 month and 2 days young. A Masonic memorial service was held on September 7 2014.

Hickman Family

George Albon: Initiated February21, 1974. Father of Albon

Albon Metcalfe: Initiated 21 February 1974

Loper Family

William Ephrum Loper, Carriage Maker Aged 30, Initiated Oct 4, 1874. Deceased Dec 1895.

Frank R. Hayden Loper, Carpenter, Initiated Oct 21, 1916 Aged 39 Died Oct 24, 1952

Thomas William Loper, initiated May 14, 1951, Aged 27.

William Loper: Initiated May 3, 1990 and the initiation was witnessed by his Father Thomas. 

Mir Baghi Family

Abdoul: Affiliated 17 Dec 1970 Lodge Light #1191 Tehran Iran

Parviz: Affiliated 21 Oct 1971, Ancient Lodge #49 Dundee Scotland GL Scotland

Statham Family

Stephen Statham affiliated April 2010.

Allan Statham was initiated 1 Mar 2012.

Christopher Statham affiliated from Acacia Lodge October 2015.

Thomson Family

Wor. Bro. Stephen Thomson affiliated from Victoria Lodge # 56 Sarnia District in March 2017.

Andrew Phillip Thomson: A petition for initiation was received in September 2011 from Andrew Phillip Thomson, Student, Aged 21 years Recommended by Wor Bro Donald Campbell and Bro. Tyler Emmet Initiated on December 15, 2011.

In May 2017 Bro. Andrew Thomson was installed as Master of this Lodge by his Father, Wor Bro Stephen Thomson and it is believed that he is the youngest Master of Doric Lodge at age 27 years. Research is continuing in order to certify this historical event.

Jonathan Thomson: A petition for initiation was received from Jonathan Thomson on 19 October 2017 Recommended by Wor Bro Stephen Thomson and Wor Bro Andrew Thomson (Father & Brother of the applicant).  In October 2017, Wor. Bro. Andrew Thomson, WM, with the assistance of his Father, Wor. Bro. Stephen Thomson, initiated Jonathan Thomson.

Watterson Family

Thomas Albert Watterson, Physician Aged 32 Initiated May16 1907

Albert Ernest Watterson, Civil Servant Aged 33, brother of Thomas, Initiated 6 Sept 1907 

Honorary Members of the Lodge

1855 - VW Bro William James Bury McLeod Moore, PGM St Paul’s and St. Johns Lodge La Valetta, Island of Malta, Sr Gr Warden Provincial Grand Lodge Canada West, VWM of Corinthian Lodge City of Ottawa ER.

1857 - Wor Bro Chas J Ford

1860 – Bro. Thos Austin, Royal Sussex Lodge England, 

1896 - Thomas Story

1898 - John McCarthy

1898 – S Rathwell

1898 – James Smeaton

1950 - Bro. George Green

1973 - Wor. Bro. John Smoosmith

1991 - RW Bro. Carl Everson PDDGM Ottawa 1

1999 - RW Bro Gary Gossling PDDGM Ottawa 1

2004 - R.W Bro E. J Hare PDDGM Ottawa 1, in recognition of his years of service to Doric Lodge.

 50 Year Members

Thomas Storey    D. Alexander Beggs   W.F. Allan           A.E.Watterson   Frederick Watson Anson Pratt               Harry Smithers  Charles Wood Leonard Staite     Roland Garlick           Stanley Stephenson               Henry Verdon     Charles Hir                John Dunlop        Walter Herbst Henry Ritchie       Douglas Piper            Alvin Cameron     F.C. Nunnick  Kenneth Noble     Nelson Kidd               Edwin Bain                        Whiteley J Eastwood    Jack Yoerger      James Brackenridge   Vaudrey Pals Robert Ayers               W.C. Gordon Collins    J. Eldon Green  James Milne Raymond Plumpton      Ronald G. Warren        Noel Clarke      Allan Notman Gerald Brading            Clifford Crompton         Ronald H. Ashworth

60 Year Members

L.H. Newman   Frank C. Askwith   H.R. Cram   William M MacLean       Edgar Hall   Percy J. Wood   Frank Lee   Charles Kettles   Frank Garnett Joseph McNee   John Devenport   Frederick Watson   Richard Heslop Clarence Bell   George Cox   John Fraser   Mac Kittle   Alfred Vince    Russell Tubman   Lorne MacLachlan   Norman Guiou   John Turnbull   Wesley Haskett   Frank Fido   Clifton Pratt   Wallace Showman            Philip Ripley   Charles Dagg   Donald Beresford   Edward J. Hare         Bruce Fleming   Fred Dimmock   Gerald Brading    Omar Blair Armstrong                                                               

 70 Year Member

Frederick Brodribb


Grand Master

M. W. Bro Sidney Albert Luke: Grand Master 1914.

Fraternal visits to and from Doric Lodge in no particular order:

St John’s Lodge # 3 Kingston On; Lodges of District 1 & 2 Ottawa, #665; Heritage Lodge #730, GLC; Eddy Lodge #41 Hull Quebec, GRC; McGill University Lodge #84 GRQ, Montreal Quebec; Marmora Lodge #222; St Andrews Lodge #53 Montreal GRQ; Okaloosa Lodge #132 Niceville Florida; New York Lodge #2 Mansourich Lebanon; Lodge St. Michael No 1634 Grand Lodge of Scotland, Nassau Bahamas led by the Substitute District Grand Master, R.W. Bro Roderick Inniss, District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and The Bahamas SC Trinidad WI; Victory Lodge #144 Saskatoon; Avonmore Lodge #452 Monkland Ont.; Russell Lodge #62 Grand Lodge of Manitoba; Ionic Lodge #229, Brampton On.; Portus Magnus Lodge No. 6530 Hampshire, Isle of Wight, EC., Delta Lodge, Romania; Canada Lodge UD Kandahar Afghanistan, Gouverneur Lodge, Gouverneur NY., Lodge Mico #1583SC District Grand Lodge of Jamaica, (Kingston); Lodge Thistle No. 1014 S.C., District Grand Lodge of Barbados (Bridgetown); Lodge St. Andrews No. 1756 S.C., District Grand Lodge of the Bahamas (Freeport); Lodge Claudius R. Walker No. 1808 S.C., District Grand Lodge (DGL) of The Bahamas (Nassau); Victoria Lodge No. 474 Toronto West District, Mount St. Paul Lodge No. 109; Kamloops, BC, Hiram Lodge No. 14 Comox, BC; Lodge Obreiros Do 3rd Milenio No. 3178, Brazil; Thistle Lodge # 96 Montreal GRQ; Union Lodge No. 380 GRC, London, ON, and Solomon Lodge No. 26, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario; Victoria Lodge No. 56, Sarnia District.

Past Masters of Doric Lodge

W. Tracey 1855-6  J.A. Ross 1915   A.C. Stinson 1960-61

J. Wilson 1857-58 W.A. Oliver 1916 J.J. Allan 1961-62

D.M. Grant 1859 B. Spencer 1917 J. Shoosmith 1962-63

J.B.M. Moore 1860 L.E. Stanley 1918 J.W. Dewhirst 1963-64

T. T. Storey 1861-62 W. Eastwood 1919 G.H. MacCarthy 1964-65

J.P. Featherstone 1863-66   W.C. Macartney 1920   M.E. Wahab 1965-66

T.H. Kirby 1867 E.L. Taylor 1921 R.W. Patterson 1966-67

J.J. Gemmill 1868 W. McNabb 1922 N. Risk 1967-68

J. Sweetland 1869-70 W.A. Armstrong 1923 K.D. Brading 1968-69

T. Birkett 1871 H.R. Cramm 1924 L.F. Jackson 1969-70

E. Lievers 1872 R.W. Warwick 1925 K.R.L. Evan 1970-71

A. Rowe 1873 W.M. MacLean 1926 C.W. Crompton 1971-72

C. Esplin 1874 C.A.G. Conleym 1927 J.W. Evans 1972-73

W. Kerr 1875-76 J.F. Hambly 1928 J.R. Withy 1973-74

W.M. Somerville 1877 C. Robertson 1929 J.W. Evans 1974-75

J.J. Smyth 1878-79 H.A. McCallum 1930 W. Hostettler 1975-76         

W.H. Baldwin 1880-81 E.H. Hall 1931 J.A. Charlton 1976-77

A. Smirle 1882-83 W.R. White 1932 G.J. Hydem1977-78

W.M. Smith 1884 W.A. Blue 1933 C.W. Crompton 1978-79

J. Smith 1885- 86 J.M. Caldwell 1934 R. Plumpton 1979-80

A. Pratt 1887-88 A.H. Stirling 1935 R. Plumpton 1980-81

R.W. Stephens 1889 A.G. Taylor 1936 A.M. Hickman 1981-82

J. Robertson 1890 O.G. Armstrong 1937 F. van Dufflin 1982-83

J. Smeaton 1891 J.G.C. Fraser 1938 G.J. Hyde 1983-84

S.A. Luke 1892-93-94 J.D. McNee 1939 E.J. Hare 1985-86

G.W. Shouldis 1895 F.B. Dunn 1940 A.H. Darling 1986-87

W.H. Martin 1896 W.J.F. Pratt 1941 F.G. Bellamy 1987-88

C.A. Abbott 1897 C.B. Bell 1942 F.G. Bellamy 1988-89

W.J. Kidd         1898 H.M. Cairney      1943 A.H. Darling   1989-90

J.A. Armstrong 1899 T.E. Walker       1944-45 R.H. Ashworth 1990-91

J.L. Culbert      1900 W. Troup           1945-46 R.F. Hare      1991-92

J. Storr            1901 A.S. Kenney      1947       I.G. Reid      1992-93

A.G. Greenfield 1902 V.L. Lawson       1947-48 R.H. Ashworth 1993-94

J.F. Argue         1903 Rev C.D. Donald 1948-49   R.V. Patterson 1994-95

J.C. Bartram     1904 A.V. Waite       1949-50 C. Hare         1995-96

H.O.E. Pratt      1905 H.A. McIntyre 1950-51 W.R. Edwards 1996-97

J.A. Hocking     1906 W.J. Eastwood 1951-52 H.L. Moore     1997-98

R.M. Armstrong 1907 J.J. Allan         1952-53 H.L. Moore     1998-99

W.H. Graham   1908 R.J.D. Brown    1953-54 R. Douma      1999-00   

C.W. Jeffrey     1909 D.S. Robertson 1954-55 R.V. Patterson 2000-01 

C.K. Lough      1910 H.C. Green     1955-56 B. Sanderson 2001-02

G.H. Clark       1911    G.R. Berry      1956-57   D. Richardson 2002-03

 C.M. Bartram  1912 W.L. Hare        1957-58   B. Griffin        2003-04         

J.M. Hurcomb   1913 W.C.G. Collins 1958-59 D. Richardson 2004-05

 E.S. MacPhail  1914 J.E. Green   1959-60 J. Calverley   2005-06 

G.J. Hagenaars 2006-07 A. Simpson 2007-08 D. Campbell      2008-09

D. Robar     2009-10 B. Sanderson 2010-11      A. E. Thompson 2011-12

D. Cole       2012-13 D. Cole      2013 A. Reid       2014-15

D. Charron 2015-16     T. Emmett 2016-17 A. Thomson 2017-18

R. Merpaw 2018-19

The Doric Column

Excerpt from address of Jan 2002 RW Bro Bryan Dorling DDGM


Doric Lodge is named after one of the noble orders of architecture and to Masons represents Strength.

The Doric column does not have a base and its height including the capital four to six times the diameter at the base and has twenty flutes and is the sturdiest of all the columns of Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian.

The Doric column stands in the west and reminds us of that level of equality, which, as masons we are distinguished and to the Senior Warden in particular who is charged in seeing that everyone receives his just due.  It must also remind us that we are descended from the same stock and none of us should consider ourselves better than any of our brothers.  Let us get clearly in our minds though that is does not mean that we should be content to remain where we are but must strive to ascend to a higher level of knowledge.

Let us look briefly the ascensions that we can aim for. From irresponsibility we ascend to duty, from ignorance we ascent to knowledge, from evil we ascend to goodness, from selfishness to love and faith is the ascent from the seen to the unseen.

These ascending ways are not easy and require to ascend to the plateau required but the rewards are sure.  It is an uphill climb as we progress through our Masonic lives the rewards are untold, to such a fullness of life from which we will reap more than we sow. The uphill journey all the way but the rewards are well worth the climb.

Doric means not only strength, but also the desire to challenge that uphill climb to reach that higher level and be of a more noble service to mankind.

The long history of this Doric has shown itself in the brotherly love and relief practiced by the members and its willingness to grow with the times.

The Doric column stands straight and solid for everyone to see reminding us of steadfastness and beauty and of course strength     .

Doric Lodge is named after one of the noble orders of architecture and to Masons represents Strength                                      

In closing, I would like to thank our Masonic forefathers for their insight and the demonstration of those fraternal bonds of friendship that exist today and their determination to spread the ideals and traditions of Ancient Freemasonry.




                                                                                                                City of Ottawa,

March 28, 1855

                       Pursuant to appointment a number of Brethren, instructed in the mysteries of Free Masonry, now assembled in apartments prepared for Masonic Business and for the purpose of instituting a new Lodge of the Ancient and Honourable Order.

                       Right Worshipful Brother William James Bury MacLeod Moore, Grand Senior Warden, Provincial Grand Lodge of Canada West and a member of Dalhousie Lodge. Very Worshipful Brother FitzGibbon and Very Worshipful Brother Ford, attended under the authority of the Grand Secretary to open the Lodge and Install the Officers.

                       At half past three o’clock p.m.; Rt. Wor. Bro. Moore took the chair and proceeded to read the dispensation from the Right Worshipful Deputy Provincial Grand Master Thomas Gibbs Rideout (a past Master of St Andrews Lodge, Toronto, granting all the privileges therein names under the title of Doric Lodge and also the authority for Installing the officers.

                       The Lodge was opened in the Second or Fellow Craft Degree and from thence to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason’s Lodge, the brethren present proving themselves according to established order.

                       Very Worshipful Brother FitzGibbon presented Bro. Tracey as the Master Elect.

                       V. Wor. Bro. Ford read the Ancient Charges and regulations pointing out the duty of a Master of a Lodge, to which Bro. Tracey gave acceptance and having given also satisfactory proof of the necessary qualifications in open Lodge, the Brethren not being Past Masters were requested to retire.

                       A Board of Installed Masers being declared, the Master Elect Brother Tracey, received the honours of this Degree and was invested and installed in due and ancient form.

                       The Past Masters’ Lodge was closed and again opened in the Third or Masters’ Degree.

                       The Brethren in waiting being Master Masons were called in and having saluted the Worshipful Master with full honours (in Order) the Officers were invested with the insignia of their respective offices and installed:

                                       James Wilson                          Senior Warden

                                       James Ashfield        Junior Warden

                                       James Peacock        Treasurer

                                       Robert Hick                             Secretary

                                       John Fotheringham Senior Deacon

                                       Robert Dale                            Junior Deacon

                                       Joseph Watson        Tyler

                       Rt. Wor. Bro. Moore delivered an appropriate address to the new Worshipful Master and a very solemn and impressive charge to the Lodge and then called upon all the Brethren to assist him in saluting the Worshipful Master and Officers of the Lodge.

The Lodge was then closed in harmony at half-past five o’clock p.m.

Examined and Approved,


W.T. McL. Moore

                Grand Senior Warden,

Provincial Grand Lodge,

Canada West.



Meeting Places, Doric Lodge No. 58, A.F. & A.M.


May 1855 - Wellington Street, Upper Town;


October 1855  - Sussex Street;


December 1856 - Parks Street;


December 1859 – Little Sussex Street;


December 1861 Doric Lodge shared the facilities used by Dalhousie Lodge on Elgin Street, opposite old Post Office north of Hope’s Book Store where the Langevin Block now stands, at the rent of $15.00 per quarter year.


September 1878 - South West corner of Little Sussex and Rideau streets;


May 1888 - 104 Sparks Street;


December 1896 - Corner Sparks and Bank Streets (Oddfellows Hall);


December 1897 - 140 Albert Street, Harmony Hall, near Grand Opera House, from December 7th, 1897 to July 6th, 1913, when the building was destroyed by fire;


September 1913 - 106 1/2 Sparks Street, Scottish Rite Chambers;


January 30th, 1914 - Masonic Temple, 111 Metcalfe Street;


February 20, 1975 – Goodwood Lodge, Masonic Temple, Richmond On.;


Ottawa Masonic Centre, 2140 Walkley Rd, Ottawa January 1977.







This historical record has been updated and revised by V. Wor. Bro. Ronald H. Ashworth PGS, Historian July 20, 2019.     

E. & O.E.